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Rob Rob Bach - Vocals
Rob was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Other addresses throughout the years include The Big Island of Hawaii, Los Angeles, Gstaad, Switzerland, Amelie-les-Bains, France, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Barcelona, Spain. Rob started writing music for The Protocol in September 2002.
Music I grew up with: Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, REM, U2, Cat Stevens

Jeff Jeff - Strings
Jeff wanted to be in The Who, but was disappointed when they "retired" for the first time when he was 12. He got a Les Paul in '87, a VERY LOUD amp in '91, a double neck in '92, and a clue about how to write songs shortly thereafter. He spent much of the 90's touring Eastern Washington and swimming in heated motel pools in the dead of winter with a cigar and a smile. Formative rock star events included a near arrest in Pullman for playing air guitar, and a drink throwing contest with surly fans in Spokane. However, it was a sweltering outdoor frat show at WSU in front of hundreds of less than sober students that cemented his love of rock.
After spending some quality time hanging out with his wife-to-be and writing dark overtures and rock anthems with a cardiologist in training, Jeff met up with Rob to see if they could make some truly exceptional weekend noise. Then he bonded with spAce Lord MF, another reputed drink thrower, and the deal was sealed. What started as great weekend noise over light beers now graces the steely stages of Seattle...
Music I grew up with: Who, Zep, Police, Clash, Cure, Soundgarden, Pumpkins, Janes

Chuck Charlie Pinnell - Drums
Lured out of retirement with prospect of playing another show in Aberdeen, Charlie’s love for the Basa Nova is legendary throughout the Northwest.
Grew up with... The Police, Miles, Coltrane, The Who, Peter Gabriel, REM, Jane’s Addiction, GBV, Tragically Hip, Fugazi, Soundgarden, AC/DC, The Cult, Jeff Buckley and Squeeze.

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